employee management


The most important requirement that most organizations face is to manage their staff related information in an efficient and centralized manner. As organizations grow in size, they exceed the length and breadth of their local boundaries as they strive to identify themselves globally. As this happens, the requirements become increasingly complex. EMS Provides an efficient and time-saving solution to these problems in the following manner.

Support from a High Powered, Integrated Global MySQL Server database
All the information that is retrieved by the EMS Client Softwares or the On line EMS Web Application are stored in a centralized database which is located in the Internet. This database is extremely powerful and secure as it is housed in a secure International Server. Thus, the critical information that are required by important offices of your organization spread globally are available within just a matter of seconds. Imagine the costs that would be incurred if the same needed to be transferred through, say for e.g. Fax or through the telephone system or even e-mail for the matter?

Customized Weekly Holiday Settings
This may be one of the most interesting solutions to your organization's holiday management needs. Most custom based softwares which manage company holidays comes with the default setting of Saturday and Sunday as the weekend. However, your requirements could be different. For e.g., you may want to set Friday or any other day as a weekend and prefer to have your employees work on Saturdays and Sundays. EMS gives you the power and the flexibility to do just that. You can select the day(s) you wish to have as a weekend and that's it, you're done! All the holiday calculations in the attendance will be done on the basis of the newly made weekly holiday settings!

Automated Attendance Detection System
One of the most crucial enhancements made to the EMS Software that gives it a global and competitive edge is its ability to automate the attendance management. The photograph taking ability of the software is integrated with an Attendance Management System which takes care of all your attendance needs. If an employee is late to the office, the system will mark the employee as late and make it visible to the concerned administrator. The system automatically calculates the number of days present, absent as well as the number of days the employee was late for a given month and year. Calculation takes into account all the official holidays and weekends thus saving you exclusive attendance calculation work. Moreover, if an employee wants to leave the company early, the system prompts the employee to enter the reason and logs the message for review by the administrator.

Enhanced Security and Intrusion Detection
The Attendance section is tightly connected to the system web camera which allows attendance details in terms of time and date to be included in the system as soon as a photograph is taken. This provides security in terms of employee attendance which even surpasses the security system provided by the smart-card employee attendance management systems currently available in the market.