our work culture


We Never Stop Learning
We offer appropriate training to cater to your professional needs – ranging from the technical (.NET and J2EE concepts), to the more personal (professional development courses to improve business awareness, communication and presentation skills).

In addition to traditional ‘classroom’ courses, we invest in on-the-job training, open learning and technology based sessions. After you’ve finished a course, you’ll be able to put your new knowledge and skills into practice through specific projects or work assignments - helping you to extend your abilities, widen your experience and boost your confidence further.

The responsibility for improving your skills and capabilities is driven by you and encouraged by the organization. If you’re keen to learn, we’ll make appropriate development opportunities available and give you all the support you need to maximize their benefits.


Why it's important? What it means? Yakso Technologies embraces diversity as a key value in managing all aspects of a modern business where people are its primary asset. We recognise the need to increase the talent pool – from which we resource our business – to cover all sections of society.

We believe that diversity has a positive impact on employee morale and the development of a working environment that “feels” inclusive to everyone. We aim to provide a working environment that treats people with fairness and respect and where the talents and resources of all employees are utilised to the full.